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Karen Griffiths


Hobbies and crafting have always fueled my imagination. From the first dyed macaroni necklace I made as a child, I was addicted to designing jewellery! Over the years, I fostered my skills by taking numerous continuing education courses. Beginning with silver wirework and beading, my journey led to silversmithing and metalsmithing. I love that it offers unlimited boundaries of creativity. You will find that the jewellery I produce is uniquely special. I don't sell online, because I don't have multiple identical pieces. Oh, that, and because I get bored too easily and don't like to have my imagination limited!

Vancouver Island has inspired my designs with its majestic nature and beauty. Incorporated into my sterling silver and copper pieces are images of sand dollars, trees, starfish, the ocean, flowers, mountains, and even the Comox Valley. I feel I’ve come full circle, in that I now share my talent and training with enthusiastic students ready to study the art of jewellery making.

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